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The OctoBrite DEFILIPPI is a unique product that allows independent control of eight RGB LEDs or 24 individual LEDs. It is based on a Texas Instruments TLC5947 24-channel PWM LED driver. Each channel has an independent 12-bit PWM, for very smooth color control. Since each channel has an independent PWM and current control (preset to 20mA), there is no reduction in brightness often found in strobed matrix methods of driving larger numbers of LEDs.

Click here for OctoBrite documentation and examples.

Controlling the OctoBrite is very easy; shift in 12 bits times 24 channels, toggle the latch pin, and the new color values are displayed. The shift register output allows many OctoBrites to be chained together. The OctoBrite DEFILIPPI needs one power supply; it has an on-board voltage regulator to supply 5V to the TLC5947 from the LED voltage. However, it's possible to add a bypass jumper if it is necessary to run the controller and the LEDs from one 5V supply.

The OctoBrite is supplied with two straight 6-pin headers installed. The pinout is designed to work exactly like ShiftBrite LEDs, and the same shields and 6-pin cables can be used to connect and chain them.

Eight 2x3 0.1" male pin headers are installed for the LED outputs. These will work with 2x3 IDC headers, ribbon cable and LED adapter boards that we will have available soon.

Dimensions: 54mm x 54mm

Customer application: Estrella Intersects the Plane (uses 10 OctoBrite DEFILIPPI)

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