Satellite Module 004

Satellite Module 004

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The Satellite Module 004 is a 12V RGB LED round pixel with three bright surface-mount RGB LEDs. It has a 2x3 pin header that matches the pinout on the OctoBrite DEFILIPPI. Each OctoBrite DEFILIPPI can control up to 8 Satellites individually with 4096 brightness levels for each color, in response to commands from an Arduino or other controller. The Satellites can be connected to the OctoBrite DEFILIPPI by using a length of 6-conductor ribbon cable and 2x3 IDC connectors (also be available in the macetech store soon). This is a simple and fast way to implement full-color LED lighting of multiple objects.

Dimensions: 1.45 inches diameter, 0.125 inch mounting holes on 0.85 inch triangular spacing

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