Shades Audio Sensor V2
Shades Audio Sensor V2

Shades Audio Sensor V2

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Do you have LED Matrix Shades or RGB Shades? Is wearing a bright LED pixel array with scrolling text and animations just too ordinary? With the Shades Audio Sensor, you can make your LED eyewear dance to whatever music or sounds are nearby!

We've updated the design to have a gain switch for high and low sensitivity. This helps a lot in loud places with 100dBA or higher sounds! There is also no solder jumper to select between RGB Shades and LED Shades...there is simply an extra pin that connects to the LED Shades. We've also added better power filtering for the best performance yet!

Check out this demo video: 

Please note: these do not fit the Early Access (green) shades from the 2014 Kickstarter as they have a different pin pitch.

The Shades Audio Sensor is a small circuit board that can be soldered to either the LED Matrix Shades or the RGB Shades (configured with a solder jumper on the back). It listens to sound through a microphone, analyzes the frequency content, and sends corresponding voltage levels to the RGB Shades or LED Matrix Shades microcontroller. With the right code (which we provide), your Shades will react to music with amazing and eye-catching patterns.

Documentation can be found here: Shades Audio Sensor

If you're familiar with code (and especially if you're familiar with LED Matrix Shades or RGB Shades code), you'll be able to make your own LED patterns react to the music in endless ways.

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