ShiftBrite Shield

ShiftBrite Shield

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The ShiftBrite Shield is a simple adapter that fits on top of standard Arduino controllers. It allows a chain of Shiftbrite modules to be quickly connected to an Arduino with 6-conductor cables.

This shield provides a ShiftBrite connector already wired to the hardware SPI pins for the fastest data output. A power terminal is supplied for connecting an external power source for the ShiftBrite chain. The PWR jumper allows the Arduino to be powered by the same source if desired. There is also a large prototyping area for mounting your own circuits if required for your ShiftBrite project.

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For maximum flexibility, the shield is shipped without the Arduino headers soldered. Female passthrough headers are included with purchase, to be soldered by the user if desired.

This product is assembled with RoHS-compliant components and lead-free solder.

WARNING: If you have an Arduino UNO SMD or R3, the 2x3 pin ISP header for the 8u2/16u2 USB-to-serial microcontroller is installed. The ShiftBrite Shield was designed before the UNO and the power terminal is above this new ISP header. It WILL short out and destroy your Arduino! It is safe to desolder or clip the ISP header closest to the USB port in most cases, since the vast majority of Arduino UNO users will never need to reprogram that chip, and it requires additional programming tools. The ShiftBrite Shield will be revised in the future, but until then, do not use the UNO SMD or R3 with the ShiftBrite Shield unless you remove that ISP header!

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