Former NASA Engineer Builds Glitterbomb v3 to Thwart Porch Pirates

As Christmas has come and gone and package couriers have experienced record-shattering volume, the phenomenon of "porch pirates" is relevant as ever.

Luckily, there is at least one rogue hacker trying to take on these package thieves. Mark Rober, former NASA and Apple engineer, has made a third version of his extremely popular "Glitterbomb" project. He intentionally leaves booby-trapped fake packages on the porch to blast would-be thieves with glitter and catch them in the act with various traps reminiscent of Home Alone (including fart spray).

We are very impressed by the creativity Mark has put into this project. This year's bomb includes the same microcontroller used in the Arduino to control the glitter-dispersing motor mechanism, location-sensing GPS, four live streaming camera phones, inductive charging components, movement-detecting accelerometer, and much more.

Check out the video for the full buildout and entertaining results:

We highly recommend subscribing to Mark’s YouTube channel. He’s working on a lot of great stuff!

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